Sandoval's office creates recording to gauge support for gun bill

UPDATE, 6 PM, WEDNESDAY: The governor's office reports more than 2,000 calls so far on the bill, with callers about 4-to-1 against. Here's what spokeswoman Mary-Sarah Kinner told me:

"The volume of calls we are receiving has increased exponentially this week and while calls regarding SB 221 account for the largest volume, it is not the only issue we are tracking. Tracking constituent calls is something our office does on a regular basis, however, due to the high volume of calls on SB 221, we have implemented an automated system so that constituents have the opportunity to immediately express their opinion on the bill and or speak to our receptionist.

"Between 9am and 4pm today, we had received more than 2,200 calls on this issue alone. 1,749 of them were opposed to SB 221."

That is what you call political cover.


Gov. Brian Sandoval has created a recording for those expressing their preference on the controversial background check bill, a sign that the volume of calls is increasing as he prepares to veto the bill.

The message on the recording, attached here, essentially is: Press 1 for support; press 2 for opposition; press 3 to talk to someone.

Sandoval has declared he will veto the measure sponsored by state Sen. Justin Jones, which passed the Legislature despite the opposition of all Republicans and four Democrats. Sandoval has until June 14 to veto the bill, which has drawn support from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which brought high-profile victims to Carson City and is doing ads (with the governor's phone number) and grass-roots activism, and various 2nd Amendment groups, which have sent emails and swarmed hearings.

(I have asked the governor's office why this was done. Will post response when I receive.)