Sandoval sends out first major fundraising pitch, asserts conservative bonafides

Gov. Brian Sandoval sent his first extensive fundraising pitch at the end of last week, touting his conservative bona fides, his blocking of tax increases and his job-creating efforts.

We also have a slogan, emphasizing the theme of a recovering economy and keeping the man who did it in charge: "Tested vision. Tested leadership. Proven progress."

Let the sun shine in.

The pitch for money, posted here, stretches the truth about as much as most dollar solicitations, more so in a few areas. Some of the highlights:

----Sandoval takes credit for reducing the unemployment rate from 14.9 percent to 9.5 percent, claiming, "It's optimism that powers prosperity. Small Government primes the pump, but Big Government sucks it dry."

Wait, Sandoval the Rightie is back! It's 2010 all over again.

----"This campaign will be anything but a free pass," Sandoval writes, showing he has a sense of humor, after all. Then he says he wants to "tell voters on BOTH sides of the aisle about our conservative accomplishments and optimism for Nevada's future:

"Taxes: We've stopped not one but FOUR attempts to raise billions in higher state taxes...."

Hmm, no mention that he extended more than a billion dollars in expiring taxes (once in 2011 and once in 2013) or braggadocio about restoring half a billion dollars in education funding. I wonder why.

"Balanced budgets: "We've balanced two consecutive state budgets WITHOUT raising your taxes...."

Well, if you say extending taxes that should have gone down is not raising your taxes, fine. And if you don't count tens of millions of dollars in fees, fine.

Then there's the standard stuff about "landmark" education reforms (don't tell NPRI!) and the "belt tightening" and "cutting red tape." He's a conservative, y'all, ok?

And then: Gimme money.