Sandoval letter to delegation: Don't let the economy go down on me

On the same day he made those comments about the shutdown, Gov. Brian Sandoval penned a letter to all six members of the Nevada delegation, urging them to end the shutdown.

The letter essentially repeats the themes he articulated to reporters Tuesday about the potentially devastating impact of the shutdown. But it's surely no coincidence he also wrote this letter the same day, although his office made no effort to release it and I only knew about it because he mentioned it in a speech Wednesday.

Sandoval could use the missive as evidence that he intended no ill will to his GOP colleagues in his comments Tuesday because the letter is bipartisan in spirit. But there are a few items of note:

►The governor credits the delegation -- and that means Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, too -- for "your willingness to put partisanship aside when it comes to Nevada." Hello, mail piece for Reid in 2016....

►One of the reasons Sandoval, who has taken credit for the recovering economy here, is so worried, besides the human costs, is encapsulated in a paragraph in which he talks about the "great progress" Nevada has made during the recession, and he frets the shutdown could cause arguably the country's most fragile economy to tank. Hello, sudden Democratic, first-tier opponent. (So: Maybe this is Reid's shutdown because he wants to hobble the Nevada economy because that hurts Sandoval the most politically and that means....) 

► I wonder how some conservatives -- yes, I said some -- will react to a paragraph of lamentation for "the state's neediest," whom the governor describes as suffering during the shutdown. Message: He cares.

Sandoval concludes by imploring the delegation to "work together to resolve the issues in Washington and to honor the federal commitment to Nevada." Just as they always do....

The letter is attached here.