Sandoval does ad for Romney, takes on President Obama's policies

Gov. Brian Sandoval, the most popular elected official in Nevada, has cut a TV ad for Mitt Romney, whom he embraced late in the game but is now all in for the GOP nominee.

Sandoval, who has been in recent Romney mailers, says in the ad that President Obama's policies "haven't helped. They've hurt us, and they're holding us back."

Sandoval's good-soldier routine is a long time coming, partially hastened no doubt by his top adviser's prediction that Obama would win the state. Sandoval, who is no attack dog by nature, had offered endorsement testimonials for legislative contenders and Sen. Dean Heller before he got to Romney.

Sandoval endorsed Rick Perry early as a thank-you for the Texas governor's support of his primary challenge in 2010 to then-Gov. Jim Gibbons. But once Perry receded, Sandoval rebuffed entreaties to endorse Romney, waiting until the field was clear. And he had not done much for Romney until now.

Better late than never? Does Sandoval have coattails that could turn the race here Romney's way? Will he become Interior secretary if Mitt becomes president?

I figure Sandoval can't lose. If Romney wins Nevada, the governor can take credit; if he doesn't, Sandoval can say it was a lost cause, and he was a noble warrior.