Sample of voicemails left for state Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange

One caller suggested she would be hung or burned. (He brilliantly left a callback number.)

Another suggested she is a "corrupt b--tch."

Still another said it will come "back to bite you in the ass."

This is what State Democratic Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange has been subjected to since Bernie Sanders supporters became incensed at Saturday's state convention.

I have posted three of the vociemails here -- there are more to come. They are incredible. Warning: Language.

UPDATED: Here are transcripts of some of the voicemails -- and I have attached some horrific texts Lange received, too.



MALE CALLER: Hi Roberta Lange. This is a citizen of the United States of America and I just wanted to let you know that I think people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won’t stand for this sort of corruption. I don’t know what kind of money they are paying to you, but I don’t know how you sleep at night. You are a sick, twisted piece of shit and I hope you burn for this! You can return my call at 619-838-9222. I’d love to go into further detail with you about this, though I am sure you don’t have courage to do so. You cowardless bitch, running off the stage! I hope people find you.


Voicemail- 1362


MALE CALLER: You fucking stupid bitch! What the hell are you doing? You’re a fucking corrupt bitch! That is so fucking wrong. You should be ashamed and disgraced. You need to step down from that position because you are bad for America and bad for the Democratic Party. That was fucking bullshit today. You need to step down. You’re a disgrace.


Voicemail – 1369


MALE CALLER: Oh Roberta, Roberta, Roberta, you old, old hag. Oh, we watched the whole thing in Nevada. You’re really kinda screwed, lady. Um, yeah. Really stupid. Fuck you.


Voicemail -1371


MALE CALLER: Fuck you, bitch!


Voicemail – 1388


CALLER: (Unintelligible sound)


Voicemail – 1398


FEMALE CALLER: Roberta, you know thousands of people watched what you did tonight at the convention – if you don’t think that that’s coming back to bite you in the ass, you have got another thing coming.


Voicemail – 1413


FEMALE CALLER: Hi Roberta, I am pretty sure you’re probably not going to get back to me because you don’t care about the American people, but what you did today, it was corrupt, it was wrong, and the founding fathers of our country would be ashamed of you. You deserve to be in prison, not the chairman for the Democratic Party. Rot in Hell.


Voicemail 1418


FEMALE CALLER: Hi Roberta, I’m just sitting home in Massachusetts watching all the video that was filmed tonight when you were chairing the Nevada convention. Classy move. By the way, if Bernie’s not on there, we’re voting Trump. It’s agreed. You should read Facebook and Twitter. Wow! You’re really popular and trending right now. You wouldn’t believe it. (Laughs)


Voicemail – 1433


MALE CALLER: That was pretty terrible. You probably just guaranteed fire is in Philadelphia. I’m not a psycho Bernie supporter, but there are some out there and you may have made a bad decision by completely ignoring the democratic process tonight. Thanks.


Voicemail – 1464


MALE CALLER: You’re a cunt. Fuck you!


Voicemail – 1479


FEMALE CALLER: We are having a massive public opposition to your illegal activities. You have demonstrated to be fraudulent and I would pack your bags right now because the shit storm you’ve ensued is coming.





These comments are dispicable,,,, I attended the convention,,, Roberta and her team were professional,,, we are all democrats,,,,

These comments are dispicable,,,, I attended the convention,,, Roberta and her team were professional,,, we are all democrats,,,,