Ross Miller to report nearly $900,000 raised; Laxalt to declare

Secretary of State Ross Miller has raised an eye-popping $880,000 for his bid for attorney general, I've confirmed.

That's even more than lieutenant governor hopeful Mark Hutchison, who will report north of $850,000.

So Miller and Hutchison surely will be Nos. 2 and 3 behind Gov. Brian Sandoval, who I'd say will be a seven-figure man.

Miller will face Adam Laxalt, who is the grandon of ex-Sen. Paul Laxalt and the son of ex-Sen. Pete Domenici and Michelle Laxalt, the senator's daughter, who were not married at the time.

Laxalt is formally declaring his candidacy Tuesday in Reno, first reported by Citizen Outreach's Chuck Muth and confirmed by the Review-Journal's Laura Myers. But his candidacy is no mystery, having been announced by lieutenant governor's hopeful Sue Lowden on a YouTube video last year.

By getting into the race after the New Year, Laxalt, who has been a lawyer in Nevada for a couple of years, does not have to file a campaign report. His only real chance in the race is if national Republicans, wanting to slow down the Miller for Governor 2018 train, get enough money to help him, perhaps aided by megadonor Sheldon Adelson.

But Laxalt surely will energize the progressive base (and others) for Miller with this statement: "Cultural elites notwithstanding, homosexuality and its integration into society are anything but certain right now...To those who currently tolerate homosexuals but retain their Godgiven right to reject homosexuality as a practiced lifestyle...." That comes from a piece he penned in 2010 about "Don't Ask Don't Tell," posted to Twitter on Monday by Las Vegas attorney Dayvid Figler.

Welcome to the game, young Mr. Laxalt.

So far, though, the son of the former governor has a huge head strat over the grandson of the former senator.