Romney pollster skeptical about winning Nevada

In a piece that posted on POLITICO a short time ago, reporters Anna Palmer and John Bresnahan write that during a recent conference call, "Romney pollster Neil Newhouse told participants that he 'was skeptical' about the GOP challenger’s chances in Pennsylvania and Nevada."

They also point out that Newhouse's comments "contradicted the assessment Friday by Rich Beeson, Romney’s political adviser, in an interview with POLITICO where he asserted that while Nevada 'has been the toughest nut for us to crack,' Romney was still within a couple of points of Obama there."

I am sure the folks on the ground here have told Boston they have a chance to win the state. I've heard them say it. And while I believe there are several reasons why Romney is still fighting here (and he visited Vegas and Reno last week), I have to believe that smart people at the top of the campaign are indeed skeptical.

Here's the POLITICO piece.