RJ editor to state lawmakers: Pass our bills! (Or else)

In a cliche-ridden missive to state lawmakers, the editor of the state's largest and least complete newspaper urges the Gang of 63 to "seize the oppportunity before you" and pass what he wants passed.

The letter, which you can see below, contains these gems from Editor Michael Hengel:

►"Nevada is at a historic crossroads."

"It will take a lot more than new money" to boost education.

"Nevadans won't be able to bear the burden of additional taxes without the enactment of money-saving government reforms."

"Nevada needs a bold agenda and bold leadership to set the state on a steady course."

Wow, that is scintillating prose, folks.

Then, Hengel says he "respectfully presents" the 25 proposals his newspaper has editorialized about during the last few weeks. Does he not think the lawmakers read the RJ? Or maybe he thinks they missed a gem of an original idea exhumed from the Nevada Policy Research Institute vault?

I wonder if Hengel registered as a lobbyist? Or if he would direct his reporters to hit lawmakers who don't support their bills?

Actually, I rescind that suggestion. Hengel will be way too busy trying to defeat Harry Reid to have time to batter lowly state legislators.