Ricki don't lose that maglev


Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow is quite proud of his reappointment by Gov. Brian Sandoval to a high-speed rail commission.

Indeed, he even said so in a newsletter and the city has posted it for him.

I was also recently honored with a reappointment to the California-Nevada Super Speed Ground Transportation Commission by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. The commission is working on plans to develop a 269-mile super speed, magnetic levitation “Maglev” train system connecting Southern Nevada and Southern California along the heavily congested Interstate 15 corridor. 


Slight problem, councilman: There is no maglev train anymore. Surprising that you would not know that since that technology was long ago abandoned

Have you heard of XPress West, sir? That's the new project -- you know the one supported by Sen. Harry Reid and now under attack from GOP budget leaders.  Sandoval, who reappointed you, certainly knows that.

But maybe you know soemthing that no one else involved in the project knows? Or perhaps you need to go to more meetings?

Just asking.