The return of The Chicken

It's been coming for some time, but Team Reid clearly wants to try to help Sue Lowden against Mark Hutchison in the lieutenant governor's race.

So the Nevada Democratic Party, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reid, Inc., is unleashing its chicken, used to lampoon Lowden in 2010 for her bartering gaffe, to help her! (It has brought back the chicken to hurt her, too, but Hutchison is the real target to try to elevate Lowden the way Reid helped elevate Sharron Angle in 2010.)

Not only does it benefit incipient lieutenant governor candidate Lucy Flores if there is a prolonged GOP primary but the Reidites think Lowden is the weaker candidiate...because of what their assassins did to her in 2010. And Harry Reid won't face Gov. Brian Sandoval in 2016 if there is a Lt. Gov. Lucy Flores.

This is too delicious to be true.

No permanent friends, no permanent enemies.

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For Immediate Release

February 5, 2014



Famous NV Dems Chicken Asks Hutchison “Who’s the Real Chicken, Mark?”


Former Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Chuck Muth reports Hutchison is afraid of Friday’s debate with Sue Lowden being televised, refusing to let TV station cover





Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Famous NV Dems Chicken called out criminal defense attorney and multi-state vacation home owner Mark Hutchison over Hutchison being “too chicken” to allow his upcoming debate with failed Senate candidate Sue Lowden to be televised.  In his newsletter, former Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Chuck Muth reported that while Lowden was willing to let the debate be televised, Hutchison refused.  Of course, considering Hutchison is coming under fire from Lowden over his Obamacare hypocrisy and questionable ethics, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised Hutchison is afraid of the debate being televised.


Photo of the Famous NV Dems Chicken calling Hutchison out below:



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