Retailers' focus groups: Education reform, background checks, yes; Tax reform, no

The Retailers Association of Nevada plans to release results of focus groups today that show voters don't think a lot of tax reform plans but back education reform and gun background checks.

And this:

Although the "sunset taxes" were a topic of many election campaigns, no participants could identify those taxes and less than half supported continuing them.  Participants were very supportive to various proposals to reform construction defects legislation and most supported companies such as Uber being allowed to operate in Nevada as long as they were subject to the same rules as cab and limo companies.  Marijuana legalization for recreational use was supported by about half of participants and expanding background checks on gun sales to include private-party sales was supported by a four-to-one margin.

Much more, too, inlcuding a feeling that the governor and lawmakers don't relate to them. (This is standard.)

This is not a poll and not scientific. But will be seized upon by those who support certain positions.