Republicans in Vegas: GOP rally against the president, Ann Romney and Herman Cain

Republicans are planning a rally Sunday "to help (President Obama) feel less welcome" near Desert Pines High School, where the president is speaking late in the day.

That's according to an email I have obtained. It's no surprise the GOP is planning such an attempt to distract the media -- and my guess is it will not be the last one of the president's three-day sojourn in Southern Nevada.

Other activities to try to show Nevada still matters to the Romney campaign include Mitt's wife, Ann, speaking on Monday and appearing at the home of Miriam and Sheldon Adelson. Couples can pay up to $10,000 for the privielege, as you wiull see from the invite posted below.

And if you can't get your fill of GOP rhetoric, ex-presidential hopeful Herman Cain and FOX Business host Charles Payne will be in Las Vegas later in the week, as you can see from the flyer below.

It's going to be non-stop attention from now until Nov. 6 and early voting starts three weeks from today.