Reid's PAC boosts Flores and Brager, wades into regent races

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's leadership PAC gave $5,000 to lieutenant governor's hopeful Lucy Flores last month, trying to boost her chances in the race to keep Gov. Brian Sandoval from running against him in 2016.

The Searchlight Leadership Fund, which was boosted by about $50,000 from health care PACs, also gave $5,000 to Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager, who is being challenged in a Democratic primary by ex-state Sen. Mike Schneider, who is backed by labor and some progressives. Reid's PAC also donated to state Senate candidate Marilyn Dondero Loop ($5,000) and two candidates for nonpartisan regent jobs -- ex-Democratic Party Chairman Sam Lieberman ($1,500) and Nick Spiritos ($1,500).

The March report shows the PAC took in just under $250,000 and has a little more than half a million on hand. The PAC's other donations were a quintet of $5,000 contributions to other states' Democratic parties.

Other highlights of the March report:

►Clark DA Steve Wolfson gave $1,000.

►Superlobbying firm Patton Boggs held an event and many of the lawyer/lobbyists contributed, including Superlobbyist Tommy Boggs, who gave $1,000, and his partner, ex-Sen. John Breaux, gave $2,000. Several others contributed, too, and there is a catering in-kind listed.

►Ex-Rep. Shelley Berkley gave $1,000.

►Clark Judge Vincent Ochoa gave $600.

►Health care/Big Pharma PACS loaded up on the father of Obamacare, including American Health Care Association ($5,000), Genentech ($5,000), Pharm Research PAC ($2,500), Merck ($5,000), Davita (($5,000), Hospital association ($5,000), Pfizer ($5,000), AMA ($5,000), Mednax ($5,000) and Altria ($5,000).

►Comcast/NBC Universal gave $5,000, as did the National Association of Broadcasters and DISH.