Reid on Miller's voter ID plan: Haven't looked, but don't want to curtail voting

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wouldn't take a specific position on fellow Democrat and Secretary of State Ross Miller's voter ID (visual verification!) plan, but he did sound a word of caution -- or so it sounded to me.

Here's what I got when I asked for the senator's reaction to the proposal:

 “I haven’t examined his proposal in detail but am happy to look into it. We should work to find ways to improve voter participation, rather than curtailing it. That is why I support same-day registration because I believe it will encourage greater participation in our elections.”

I did not ask about same-day registration. So, Reid seems to be saying, "I'll look into Miller's proposal, but we don't want to be scaring away our voters -- I mean, voters --  and same-day registration is better for us -- I mean, voters."

But I don't want to speak for the man.

(The Review-Journal's Steve Tetreault posted on Twitter that Sen. Dean Heller backs the plan.)