Reid: McConnell will lose, Republicans better not be racists, John McCain is my pal

UPDATE: Sen. Tim Scott, the GOP senator from South Carolina who happens to be African-American, has responded to Reid's remarks that he hopes Republicans are not opposing the president because "he's African-American."

To wit:

I am sincerely disappointed by continued attempts to divide the American people by playing to the lowest common denominator. Instead of engaging in serious debate about the failed policies of this administration – from the ever-increasing burdens created by the national health care reform plan to the tax and spend approach to economic recovery, along with countless others – Democrats are once again trying to hide behind a smokescreen.


Our country deserves more from those in Washington. I hope Senator Reid will realize the offensive nature of his remarks and apologize to those who disagree with the President’s policies because of one thing – they are hurting hardworking American families.”




That and more from an interview this morning by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid by Dave Becker on KNPR's "State of Nevada."

The audio of the full hour will be posted here soon.

My live tweets are below (start at the bottom):

  1. By the way, a recent Reid operative, , is on Michelle Nunn's GA campaign. Any Reidites getting their new Kentucky home?

  2. Oh, and one more point: I hope Republicans aren't racists.

  3. Distilled interview: Tea Party=evil. Mitch will lose. House full of "characters." I love John McCain.

  4. RT : Reid just predicted that McConnell will get knocked off in Kentucky./And Dems will hold Senate.

  5. "My legacy is whatever it is." -- . Then: Dodd-Frank, no privatization of Social Security, Obamacare.

  6. Third Reid "heh heh."

  7. "Republicans around the country don't like all this stuff going on with the Republicans in Congress." --

  8. "I hope the radio will indicate the frown on my forehead."

  9. Whatever else he says in this interview, 's implication that race a factor in GOP opposition to POTUS is lead.

  10. Now says is "in dreamland" on immigration. He likes that phrase, said of Mile Lee a week or so ago.

  11. At least three times during this interview, has mentioned McCain in flattering ways.

  12. . now emphasizing comprehensive immigration reform over piecemeal House approach. No Tea Party rant.

  13. Caller thanks Reid for being a God. Or something.

  14. Offensive & insane MT : says he hopes GOPers are opposing POTUS on substance not that "he's African-American."

  15. "Social Security is not about to go broke." -- , who says it needs some "small tinkering."

  16. . says he hopes GOPers are opposing POTUS on substance and not that "he's African-American."

  17. "Keep up the good fight," caller says to , which, coincidentally, is the name of his biography ("The Good Fight").

  18. Surprised not more hostile callers to NPR for after that first one.

  19. "That question is one that resounds in my mind," says when asked why no one criminally prosecuted in banking scandals.

  20. "I don't agree with the president" on Freddie and Fannie -- .

  21. RT : . seems to indicate he's open to the for Circuit court judicial nominees. Hmm.

  22. The D.C. Circuit: "Some say it's more important than the Supreme Court," says.

  23. If anyone understands the torture campaign managers face during elections, it's .

  24. Now it seems as if Team Reid has the boiler room going. Friendly callers....

  25. Your subtle Twitter subtext was lost on me. Mea culpa.

  26. For Reidophiles: Is Reid trying to cause problems for w/base by lauding him? Or buffing him up so he doesn't run in 2016?

  27. Rory and Harry have not been close since Rory blames Harry for 2010. Rory thought Harry wasn't running, so he ran.

  28. You have no idea how funny that is!

  29. . suggests what is doing on Obamcare is "good for him politically." And Prince Harry wants to help him politically.

  30. .: "Brian Sandoval has been courageous in what he has done with Obamacare." Exchanges and expanded Medicaid.

  31. . says "these characters int he House" have voted "some 60-odd times" to repeal Obamacare.

  32. . says he's "helped set up meetings" at WH for unions. But Culinary's D. Taylor has said admin stiff-armed unions.

  33. . going back to WWII to explain "how we got into this." Wage and price controls. Only inveterate NPR listeners don't switch off.

  34. .: "I would recommend that D. (Taylor of UNITE HERE) calm down. He's exaggerating," says he shouldn't "scare people" about ACA.

  35. . now asked about union complaints about Obamacare. : "The unions have been good to me. However, he's exaggerating."

  36. . doing better job of defending Obamacare than guy it's named for ever did. But he will set off people.

  37. .: "Why did we go to so much trouble to get Obamacare passed?" Oh boy.

  38. Now caller says canceled GOP registration because of Tea Party. But caller ID shows call from Reid's office! (I kid.)

  39. There is no other senator -- don't name anyone! -- who causes such edge-of-your-seat-what-might-he-say anticipation as . No one.

  40. .: "Do you expect me to come on this radio program and lie to you?" Then repeats Tea Party rant.

  41. First caller tells Prince Harry to "stop pointing fingers." He is yelling at .

  42. . is taking calls. This could be good.

  43. Now is praising McCain for "breaking away from the anarchy-driven Tea Party." That's new HR. Old: "I can't stand John McCain."

  44. . now bragging about beating Republicans in recent filibuster showdown. Prince Harry is full of vim and vigor. Drinking coffee?

  45. "No one knows the Senate rules better than I," says, allowing Byrd might have been close.

  46. . on ratchets up his anti-Tea Party rhetoric, says they are like the Anarchists who helped cause WWI.

  47. .: "We have had our least productive (session) in..history of the country...House that is dominated by Tea Party.." Here we go.