Reid to FEC: Payments to granddaughter were legal

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has informed the Federal Election Commission that buying gifts for supporters from his granddaughter fits within the agency's rules..

I missed the document when it was filed a month ago, but there's no mention in it of Reid reimbursing his campaign for the expenditures, which I disclosed on March 25. That same day, according to FEC records, attorney Marc Elias wrote to the FEC, saying the gifts comport with agency rules. The section cited is this one:

Gifts of nominal value and donations of a nominal amount made on a special occasion such as a holiday, graduation, marriage, retirement, or death are not personal use, unless made to a member of the candidate’s family.

The gifts, according to Reid, were given to supporters, although it could be argued, perhaps not legally, that using his granddaughter as the vendor was a gift to her.

There also is nothing in the letter itemizing the $31,000 in gifts to show they are of "nominal value," nor is there any stipulation that Reid, as he has said, plans to write a check to the campaign fund.

No, only that the "holiday gifts" were legal.

I've attached the filing here.