Realtors go all out to scuttle eminent domain plan

UPDATE: Tonight is the vote. And the Realtors apparently don't like how they are being portrayed. I've attached the latest correspondence.



UPDATE: There are a whole batch of new mail pieces going out from the Realtors PAC, and attached here. The group also has done a lot of field work in advance of Wednesday's vote, aided by experts Sarah Jaffa and Billy Rogers. They have been collecting hundreds of comment cards to be presented at the council meeting. And their canvassing indicates huge opposition to the eminent domain plan. That, of course, does not mean that Mortgage Resolution Partners does not have the votes. But it's clear that the Realtors, who have money from the national group, see this vote as the nose under the tent in Nevada, which is why they are running a statewide campaign and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars -- $500,000 so far and about as much budgeted if more is needed for a fall campaign.


The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors is spending some money on mail pieces to try to dissuade the North Las Vegas City Council from approving a controversial plan to use eminent domain to help underwater homeowners -- and attacking lame-duck Mayor Shari Buck to help the cause.

Using an innocuously named PAC called the "Issues Mobilization Fund" -- they wouldn't want people to know it's the evil Realtors! -- the folks looking out for homeowners (because that's what Realtors do)  are sending mail pieces into the city such as the ones attached here. 

The plan in on the agenda next Wednesday and the proposed contract is here.

UPDATE: They have TV and radio, too, running statewide, so they are in for the long haul and spending a fortune (high six figures?). The TV (spectacular production values that Hitchcock should have used in "The Birds," I must say):