Rats, sinking ship, etc.

I have already written here and here about a group of 200-plus lawyers writing a threatening letter to various elected officials, including state senators who will possibly vote on a bill changing hearsay evidence rules in some cases.

The stupidity and near-criminality of this maneuver cannot be overestimated. Nor was the next step in this story's trajectory unpredictable.

On Wednesday, attorney Lisa Rasmussen sent a missive to senators attached to this email:

Dear State Senator:

Please see the attached letter regarding AB 193. This letter has also been distributed to elected members of office in the judicial and executive branches.

Lisa Rasmussen

In the letter, Rasmussen lists attorneys who want their names removed -- expected -- and one who wants to be added -- you can't make this stuff up.

Here it is:

April 29, 2015

You received a letter from 226 attorneys distributed on April 27, 2015.

Jasmin Spellsname was included as a signatory on the letter. Ms. Spells name should never have been included as she never authorized her name to be added to the letter. She is understandably displeased that her name was included and we wish to make it absolutely clear that she is not a signor on the letter. This was an inadvertent mistake and we regret the error.

The following name was not included, but should have been included: Craig Drummond

And the following persons, after further reflection, wish to withdraw their names from the letter, and they will send you a letter conveying their thoughts under separate cover.

Amy Coffee Maggie McLetchie Jordan Savage Curtis Brown Kristina Wildeveld Heather Fraley Joey Gilbert