Prominent lawyer accuses Clark County Commission chairman of breaking Open Meeting Law

Todd Bice, a well-known Las Vegas attorney, sent a letter to the district attorney this week accusing Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak of breaking the state's Open Meeting Law.

I have already reported Bice's opposition to the county's coming changes (there is a meeting today) to the garbage agreement (he won't tell me who he is representing, other than to say people are upset). But now he has taken it further, writing a scathing letter (posted here)  to the DA, using words such as "unfathomable" and "unbelievable" to describe what he calls Steve Sisolak's boasting of having six votes to pass the changes sought by Republic Services. (By the way, it is hardly historic for elected officials to say they have the votes, but Bice's letter shows he is not fooling around on this issue.)

This one is going to get exceedingly ugly.