PP focus groups, polling send message to Heller, others

It seemed cookie-cutter at the time, but the campaign to use Planned Parenthood defunding against Rep. Joe Heck in the Senate race was remarkably effecive, the group found in post-election polling.

The survey found that almost two-thirds of Nevadans found that a convincing reason to vote against Heck. The other parts of the poll also indicate that Nevada, as it has been since 1990 when abortion rights were enshrined in law by a ballot initiative, a solidly pro-choice state.

The survey, along with focus groups done with Trump voters across the country, including in Nevada, indicate the issue may be perilous for senators (hello, Dean Heller). The release of the polling and focus groups -- I was one of a handful of reporters allowed to view excerpts -- indicate some Trump voters are upset that this is a major priority for 2017.

Of course, polling and focus groups are proverbial snapshots and may not be determinative. But the message is clear to Heller and others: Defund at your own risk.