Poll: Voters divided on the margins tax

The Nevada electorate is split on The Education Initiative, the margin tax proposed by the state teachers union, according to a new poll paid for by the Retailers Association of Nevada, which opposes the proposal.

The question itself asked whether people think the 2 percent tax on larger businesses would raise the needed revenue, and the electorate was almost evenly divided (47-46). My thought: This result will depend on how the question is asked, and the campaigns next year will determine everything.

The survey was conducted late last month -- the instrument and detailed results are posted here -- of 500 voters and has a 4 percent margin of error. It was done by Moore Information.

The demographics actually are skewed toward the Democrats, with the split 45-35, a couple of percentage points higher than the actual numbers and nowehere near what the 2014 electorate is likely to be.

Other results:

----By 47-35, voters think Obamacare will reduce access to health care

----The right direction/wrong direction questiion has turned around: 48-38 now

----A generic legislative candidate question yielded a split electorate

----52 percent think raising taxes will hurt businesses, 43 percent say it will have little impact (the latter number is the highest in two and half years)

----People don't want to change the tax system (54-39)

----Voters, by 2-to-1, support the new appeals court proposal (really?)

----By a large margin, 57-36, voters support removing the gay marriage ban

----By 54-42, voters back legalizing pot for education funding.