Poll: Sandoval is monster with GOP voters

The headline surely was not what Team Sandoval wanted to see: "Nevada GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval is popular, but not within his party"

I thought the L.A. Times story itself was pretty good for Sandoval. Mark Barabak did a great job of capturing the governor's deliberative, careful and moderate style while finding only taxaphobic Grover Norquist and a Nevada-based Norquistian who despises the governor to criticize him.

The headline referred to national Republicans, who may not want Sandoval on a ticket because he is a pro-choice, sometime-tax, Medicaid-expanding governor.

But here at home, according to numbers I obtained Thursday, he is a juggernaut in the GOP.

Sandoval's overall approval numbers consistently approach 70 percent in polling, including a majority of Democrats. And, in a new poll, among Republicans in Nevada: 89 percent favorable, 6 percent unfavorable.

Adjectives fail me. But you can see the governor is doing pretty well, no?

That's from a survey done last week of 400 likely Nevada Republican voters (MOE=4.9 percent) by The Tarrance Group's Dave Sackett, who has done a lot of work here for major GOP candidates. He's very reliable.

National Republicans may be ambivalent come 2016. But Sandoval doth bestride the narrow Nevada world like a colossus.....