Poll: Laxalt, Krolicki in dead heat with Reid; Hillary wins against all GOPers (except one)

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is in a dead heat with two prospective GOP challengers, Scott Walker leads the GOP field here and Hillary Clinton leads all Republican comers in Nevada, except for -- wait for it -- Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Reid is in a tight race with either Attorney General Adam Laxalt (Laxalt, 48-46) or ex-Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki (Krolicki, 46-45) while Clinton crushes Jeb Bush (50-37) but is in a much closer race with Scott Walker (Clinton, 49-43) and.....Sandoval (Sandoval, 46-43).

The survey of 955 registered voters (MOE=3 percent) was conducted by Gravis Marketing, which uses robocalls and has been criticized the last two cycles for its outlier results. Bloomberg's Dave Weigel has written about Gravis and more than once. Nate Silver gave the firm a "C".

The liberal site DailyKos has called Gravis the "worst pollster in America," but with the GOP sweep in 2014, its general results made a comeback, as Weigel noted. (The demographics look pretty good, though, except for a 10-point female edge, which actually should help the Democratic candidates.)

So what does it mean if the poll is even close to true?

What we already knew: Reid will be in a tight race against almost ANY Republican.

I asked why the firm chose Laxalt and Krolicki, and managing partner Doug Kaplan told me: "We have a research team and picked what the possibilities might be against Reid. Of course it's a guessing game."

Indeed it is. And I don't think the Laxalt idea is so far-fetched.

As for the 2016 White House stuff, I am in the None of These Early Polls Mean Anything school. Or at least not much. But I always thought Walker would have appeal here. Oh, and I also think Sandoval, were he not pro-choice, would be a top-tier hopeful. But those musings are for another day.

Here are the results.