Now I have seen news releases, but this one takes the cake

In the midst of the race for the Nevada Republican Party chairmanship, with the Establishment trying to oust incumbent Michael McDonald, some Tea Party types have posted one of the funniest and most embarrassing news releases I have ever read.

I must emphasize: This is not a parody. In fact, you can see it here, and I have annotated below.



McDonald expected to win re-election with ease. (Oh, really!)

Michael J. McDonald has the needed support to win his re-election bid but the party will go through the formality of holding a vote. (Go through the formality of holding a vote!)





Michael J McDonald, NV Republican Party Chairman
Michael J McDonald, NV Republican Party Chairman

PRLog (Press Release) - Sep. 26, 2013 - LAS VEAGS, Nev. (Pro tip: Always spell the dateline correctly)-McDonald enjoys a favorable relationship with each of the different factions- Tea Party, Liberty, Moderates and Establishment groups. In itself that is quite a feat and the people intend on rewarding McDonald with another term, sighting (Um, that's citing!)his ability to build a consensus.

For the most part the Nevada State Central Committee members, who will be voting, are tired of continuous change that leaves the Republican Party depleted, unorganized and ineffective and few are in the mood to jump ship. (People on the Titanic were quite eager to jump....)

“We have a Chairman that (who!) has focused on unity and respects the different factions within the party and that is exactly what we need to have, a strong party” said Jeri Taylor Swade (One of prime movers behind the great, successful candidacy of one Sharron Angle.) , Co- publisher of TRUNC News Paper (Tea Party & Republicans Uniting Nevada Conservatives)

“Look, McDonald has done the best job bridging the different groups to work together than anyone I know, we cannot and will not win elections with a leader that (who!) panders to only one group” said Jerry Littman, spokesperson of Vote Your Values. (Nice sentence structure.)

As recently as a week ago in a surprise effort by the establishment, Robert Uithoven announced he was considering mounting a challenge for the GOP Chairman position, a move that seems futile with a majority of committee members. Uithoven is best known for his reckless handling and failed attempt as a campaign manager for Sue Lowden in 2012.  (Ouch!) Uithoven also carries the unpleasant stigma of being an establishment mouth piece, and the dreaded title “consultant”. (Dreaded title!) That’s important to consider because the current make-up of the state central committee have (grammar again!)  little use for that type of resume. Another hard swallow for the committee members is the fact that Uithoven, once the finance director of the Republican Party (2008) left the party a huge debt of $250k, a situation the members do not want to find the party in again. (Yes, McDonald is a prodigious fundraiser!)

“Mike has been able to raise funds for the work of the Republican Party by building bridges, something that has been neglected in the past. It is important to have funding but we need more than that, we need the strength of all Republicans to win elections and that’s what Mike brings to the table and he has done it from the ground up” said Jesse Law, GOP Executive Director. (So a McDonald employee is behind him! Fact check: McDonald has almost no ability to raise money from anyone, but that is a minor point, right?)

The election will take place on September 28, 2013 at the South Point Hotel and Casino.