No new taxes, but plenty o' fees

By now, you know Gov. Brian Sandoval's mantra so well you don't have to be reminded (Hint: Same as Jim Gibbons', only people listen.).

But when he sunnily says, "No new taxes," you notice something about Sandoval's assertion: He doesn't also say, 'No new fees."

And that's because there are plenty of them in the budget he presented and most or all will be in the final package -- nearly $60 million worth. Some are large -- the unemployment insurance assessment is more than half of the total -- some are substantial (shhhh, to implement Obamacare) and others are relatively small. But they do add up.

To wit:

Newborn Screening Fee:  $390,000

Cost sharing for certain Medicaid recipients: $2 million

New Per Month Per Member fees for Silver State health Exchange: $14.3 million

ACA-mandated fee to support PCOR: $288,000

Assessment on all employers to pay interest on Unemployment Insurance loan: $31 million

DPS Rap Back Program: $45,000

New admin fine from fire marshal: $2,000

Increase for the fee for Motorcycle Safety Program: $4,000

DMV fee to fund new license plate factory: $3.7 million

New fee for decals for special fuel users: $90,000

Increases annual special tax on livestock heads: $109,000

Outreach fee for education on aquatic invasive species: $250,000

Another fee from wildlife for aquatic invasive species outreach/inspection: $900,000

Another aquatic invasive species fee: $70,000

Increase in water resources fees: $730,000

New water resources fees: $730,000

New fire protection fees: $3.5 million

Increase to per-employee fee for EMRB: $375,000