No margins tax weaseling

The margins tax has been around for awhile.

It was proposed by Democrats in 2011, and the teachers union qualified its proposal last year.

If you are involved in Nevada politics, even tangentially, you know what it does. This is especially true for lawmakers, who cravenly ignored the ballot question this year. (To be fair, this was mostly the fault of Democrats, who didn't want to bring it to a vote and put their members on record or propose an alternative. Most Republicans would have been happy to cast a vote against the margins tax plan.)

But before the obnoxious campaigns begin on both sides -- "It's for kids!" vs. "It's the economic apocalypse!" -- the very least we can expect is for every lawmaker to go on the record about how he or she stands on the ballot question in 2014. (After filing, we need to get challengers' views, too.)

So here's what I propose: Every lawmaker must be on the record by year's end, and I will catalogue the stances here. I am going to assume, unless told otherwise, that every GOP legislator is against the plan.

Yes, I suppose it's possible that a deal could be made to get the teachers to back off and try to kill their own initiative. But it seems highly unlikely.

So how do the Democrats stand. I have already asked some, and others have reported some. I will start asking those who have not yet taken a stand, as I'm sure others will, too. But below will be a handy reference guide to see where your elected officials stand -- or not. If someone has not taken a position by year's end, they will be referred to on this site as a member of The Weasel Caucus. (I have not included term-limited William Horne and Peggy Pierce, who are YES votes, I'm sure.)

STATE SENATE (4 YES, 7 potential weasels)

Kelvin Atkinson          Yes (phone interview, 7/23)

Mo Denis                        "I think so." ("Ralston Reports," 6/5/13)

Aaron Ford                    ?

Justin Jones                   Supports education, doesn't like ballot box taxation, so no position (7/29/13)

Ruben Kihuen                 "I stated my support earlier in the year on your show. Nothing has changed. #ManofMyWord" (Tweet, 9/18)

Mark Manendo                 ?

David Parks                       ?

Tick Segerblom                Yes

Debbie Smith                     ?

Pat Spearman                    ?

Joyce Woodhouse             Yes (per the Sun's Andrew Doughman, 9/16)


ASSEMBLY (No YES, 25 potential weasels)


Paul Aizley                  ?

Elliot Anderson          ?

Teresa Benitez-Thompson            ?

David Bobzien                                     ?

Irene Bustamante-Adams                 “I’m the type who goes to a buffet and needs to see everything before I make a decision." (Sun, 9/18)


Maggie Carlton                                       ?

Richard Carillo                                        ?

Lesley Cohen                                        ?

Skip Daly                                                ?

Olivia Diaz                                               ?

Marilyn Dondero-Loop                          ?

Andy Eisen                                                 ?

Lucy Flores                                                ?

Jason Frierson                                            ?

James Healey                                             ?

Joe Hogan                                                       ?

Marilyn Kirkpatrick                    Undecided (but has indicated before she doesn't like it) (NAIOP forum, 7/18/13)

Andrew Martin                             “The voters will decide it at this point, so no reason to even take a position." (Sun, 9/18)

Harvey Munford                                            ?

Dina Neal                                                           ?

James Ohrenschall                                          ?

Ellen Spiegel                                                       ?

Mike Sprinkle                                                       ?

Heidi Swank                                                            No answer (7/24/13)

Tyrone Thompson                                                     No answer (7/24/13)