New PAC watch: Dark money becomes lighter, an IE placeholder and Helen Reddy's voice

A dark money outfit forced to settle with the secretary of state, a vehicle for an independent expenditure war to come and an echo chamber so we can hear them roar: Those are the new PACs registered last week in Nevada.

They are:

Alliance for America's Future, which had to register, because of that settlement with the SOS.

Women's Empowerment PAC, which is designed to help female Democratic candidates and run by state Sens. Debbie Smith and Joyce Woodhouse. I read this as a way to get more money to key state Senate hopefuls, especially Teresa Lowry and Marilyn Dondero Loop.

Nevadans for Honesty in Government, set up by longtime operatives Chad Wilkins and Mike Phillips, to be a receptacle for one or more IE campaigns down the road. There will be plenty, perhaps as many as there are Nevadans for Honesty in Government.