Nevada Republican Party says its endorsement record is 10-8; I say it's 5-7

The state GOP, where truth goes to die and incompetence is rewarded, has been bragging since last week's primary about a "56 percent" success rate.

Forget for a moment that for a party naming favorites in its own primaries, one for two isn't a great batting average. But that number is totally disingenuous, and I have said so.

This morning, Chairman Michael McDonald, who presided over a takeover by the Ron Paul forces and other troublemakers and who essentially turned the party into an adjunct of the Sue Lowden for lieuternant governor campaign (not part of the 56 percent), emailed me this morning to say: 10 of 18. And he wanted a "recap."

Oh? OK. Let's recap.

Not sure where he gets 18 races (I asked him for an accounting but have not heard back), because there were many more, according to this list the party provided to Steve Sebelius. But let's take away all the unopposed or slam dunk races they endorsed in, including the governor, whom the GOP only endorsed with the sole purpose of using him to (falsely) imply on billboards and elsewhere that he backed Sue Lowden. (The state GOP essentially became an adjunct to the Lowden campaign.)

Look at a list of how the state GOP did in races that were contested and the record is pathetic, especially when you realize the party lost all of the key races. And what the GOP "accomplished" was force Republicans to spend money that could have been used to help in November.

Genius, I tell ya.

Here's my list -- and I am being generous with what the word "contested" means:

1. Annette Teijeiro in CD1, an unwinnable race for the GOP in November. She won over a total unkown, Jose Padilla. That is a meaningles endorsement and race. 1-0

2. Niger Innis in CD4. Picked against an Assembly incumbent, Cresent Hardy. Got crushed. Perhaps the state GOP will join the desperate Innis and demand a recount? 1-1

3. Sue Lowden for LG. Disaster. Enough said. 1-2

4. Ron Knecht for controller. Huge! He was running against perennial Barry Herr. 2-2

5. Vick Gill for SD9. Went against choice of GOP leader in Senate. Cost Becky Harris a lot of money she could have used in most important race in the state. Lost. 2-3

6. Gary Schmidt over state Sen. Ben Kieckhefer. Schmidt is a perennial; Kieckhefer spent about $400,000 to fend him off, money that could have greatly bolstered GOP nominees now. 2-4

7. Carl Bunce over state Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson. Yes, the state GOP endorsed against one of the party's top leaders and chose a guy who never stood much chance and forced Robersion to spend six figures. Yes, that money, too, could have been used to help GOP nominees in the fall. 2-5

8. Richard Bunce over another GOP legislative leader, Assemblyman Lynn Stewart. Same comments apply. 2-6

9. Robb Archie and Lisa Krasner over Assemblyman Randy Kirner. Krasner made it into the general, but Kirner won the primary handily. Again, going vs. an incumbent -- genius, party. 2-7

10. Jill Dickman vs. Ron Schmitt in an Assembly primary up North. HUGE win, party. Proud of this? 3-7

11. Robin Titus over Norm Frey in an Assembly district up North. Titus actually ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010. The party endorsed against a well-known county commissioner, Norm Frey. The seat was going to be GOP either way, but I'll count it. Kudos. 4-7

12. Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, he of the slavery comment and hatred for the South, over Robin Reedy. Big win here, party. You kept a guy who will never have any impact and got rid of a smart, savvy longtime GOP operative who could have driven the Democrats batty. 5-7

Yes, a bang-up primary for the worst state party in Nevada history.