National GOP group targets Nevada Assembly, Senate

A national GOP group announced  today that it is targeting the Nevada Assembly and Senate as part of a small universe of legislative bodies to switch to Republican leadership.

The Republican Legislative Campaign Committee declared that the Assembly and Senate are part of its “Sweet 16 Targets" for flipping legislative control. This is interesting because the GOP has almost no chance to take the Assembly, now in Democratic hands, 27-15. But the state Senate at 11-10 is very much in play, with three races surely to be inundated with outside spending.

The RLCC is part of the Republican State Leadership Committee network of groups that will be spending a fortune in Nevada this cycle. The RSLC already has spent money against AG hopeful Ross Miller, and my guess a lot more is coming in the lieutenant governor and secretary of state races. (The money spent against Miller now will be coming from a different group after a RSLC reorganization.)

The Democrats will have to find a way to combat what will likely be seven figures of outside money, which is much more difficult in a year without a presidential or U.S. Senate campaign. And GOP Donor Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson already has contributed.