Mulroy sets Feb. 6 as retirement date

After saying she would retire as Southern Nevada's water czar weeks ago but not setting a date, Pat Mulroy informed Clark County commissioners water authority board members Thursday that she will leave as of Feb. 6.

Here's what she sent via email:

Earlier this year I indicated to you and the rest of the Board that my intention was to retire from the position of General Manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District in 2014.  As I have been planning for the next phase of my life, it has become necessary to leave sooner than we probably anticipated.  It is my desire to have my tenure end at midnight on February 6, 2014.  In accordance with the interagency agreement governing how the District and its General Manager oversee the operations of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the District’s role as managing partner terminates with my resignation.  As the Board addresses the issue of my successor, should the need arise for an Authority Board meeting in February, I will defer my departure to February 20, 2014.

I cannot begin to tell you what an honor it has been for me to lead Southern Nevada’s water agencies for the last 25 years.  Together we have faced unprecedented challenges which we have successfully overcome.  This could never have happened without the incredible leadership that has been displayed by you and the current and former members of the District and Authority Boards.  Thank you for all the support you and the Boards have given me over these many years.  I leave with a great sense of pride in the quality of our elected leaders who have guided Southern Nevada over the last two-and-a-half decades.  The challenges will not disappear, but I am confident that your continued stewardship of our most precious resource will not be compromised and will become the bedrock of a bright new economic future for the entire region.


Pat Mulroy

So now look for the jockeying between Commissioner Larry Brown, who wants his colleagues to install him, and John Entsminger, Mulroy's No. 2 and her anointed successor.