Most insane legal document ever? Quite possibly

This legal document was posted by Citizen Outhouse boss Chuck Muth, who clearly has a relationship with activist Rob Lauer, whose home was searched as part of an ongoing political corruption probe by Metro police.

The filing, a protest of that search warrant served 10 days ago on Lauer, was linked by AP scribe Riley Snyder this morning, which is how it came to my attention.

I am not sure when I read a document that made me chortle so often and made my jaw sore from hitting my desk.

It is insane.

In case you didn't know, this whole Metro probe was "sanctioned by Governor Sandoval and by Sheriff Joe Lombardo in order to further their own political agendas."

Of course! Now it all makes sense!

My favorite is comparing these folks to the revolutionaries of 1776:

The Founding Fathers crafted the Fourth Amendment in direct response to "the harsh experience of householders having their doors hammered open by magistrates and writ-bearing agents of the crown. William J. Cuddihy & B. Carmon Hardy, A Man's House Was Not His Castle. Origins of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, 37 WM. & MARY Q. 371, 372 (1980). In Nevada today, the “agents of the Crown include Las Vegas Metro Police, especially the socalled “Intelligence Section,” The Crown is Governor Brian Sandoval who finds the rule of law repugnant to his political agenda....

King Brian I, this shall not stand!

I am sure Muth thought posting this document made his friends and associates look better, but it makes them look like kooks.


►Lauer attorney David Otto wrote the police only searched his client's house because Assemblyman Chris Edwards lied. Then Otto accuses Edwards of a crime based on claims by elected officials, who never filed any charges: It was well known among his Colleagues that Chris Edwards was aggressively ‘hawking’ his vote in exchange for money – unlawfully soliciting bribes. If the court wishes, undersigned counsel will supply the court with a publicly available, hour long recording of an internet radio show wherein three members of the Nevada State Assembly publicly state this. 

Oh, yes. I am aware of that radio show.

►Apparently the governor and his men and women "will stop at nothing" to get their tax increase enacted: Governor Sandoval and his operatives will stop at nothing to see this tax hike enacted into law. The court is reminded of the 2003 legislative session when Brian Sandoval acting as Nevada Attorney General took the unprecedented step of suing the State Legislature on behalf of then Governor Kenny Guinn in order to accomplish an 800 million dollar tax hike which was said to be going to fund education in this state. 

I kid you not, folks. This is in a legal document.

Metro is pursuing the probe because it wants tax increases and is part of Joe Lombardo's "hit squad." I am not making this up: It is well known that Las Vegas Metro Police have aggressively sought tax hikes in Clark County. There are Bills in the Assembly, seeking budget increases some of which would provide funds to Metro. 25. Las Vegas Metro’s so-called Intelligence Section is well known among Metro Police Officers and some lawyers and others as the Sheriff’s personal ‘hit squad.'

More black helicopter talk: This is not Chris Edwards simply crying wolf regarding non-existent extortion against him. This is Chris Edwards, Governor Brian Sandoval and Sheriff Joe Lombardo stifling any criticism of Sandoval’s proposed 1.5 billion dollar tax hike. This is not about extortion, it’s about political power and the silencing of political opponents. 

Be afraid, regular citizens: This is the secret police at work to stifle dissent and political activity, nothing more....This taking of private property, in retribution for political activity smacks of totalitarian government. 

And, yes, the inevitable Nazi reference: These tactics do not simply resemble the tactics used in other totalitarian governments, they are precisely those tactics and are indistinguishable from the tactics of the Nazis, the Soviet Union and others in banana republics the world over. 

There also is a recitation of "police perjury" and abhorrent tactics, etc. I have just skimmed the surface. If you want another trip into the lunacy stewing in that little corner of the GOP Ass. Caucus, read the entire document.

But don't have any liquid in your mouth when you do.