The most embarrassing endorsing group in Nevada?

It's Hispanics in Politics in a landslide.

And the group just keeps embarrassing itself even more.

First, it was the flip then flop then flip again in the Heck-Bilbray congressional race.

And then today, the group sent out a news release saying so many Republican showed up to endorse candidates that only one Democrat, Ross Miller, got endorsed in statewide races. Who does that? What kind of process is that?

I'm sure Miller (how DID that happen?) is thrilled to somehow have made it, and this is not at all about the GOP skew; it's about having a process that looks like something other than pay to play.

Here's the release -- note, this is not a parody:

In a special election held by Hispanics In Politics (HIP) where the only items on the ballot were the names of the candidates for the State’s Constitutional Offices and the three Proposition Questions, a large contingent of Republican members of the non-partisan Hispanic political organization, showed up to vote in support of the Party’s candidates.  As a result, the only Democrat to get HIP’s nod was Ross Miller, Nevada’s Secretary of State and candidate for Attorney General.

Republicans State Senator Mark Hutchison, candidate for Lt. Governor, State Senator Barbara Cegavske, candidate for Secretary of State, Dan Schwartz, candidate for Treasure and University Regent Ron Knecht, candidate for Controller, were all successful in winning the organization’s endorsement over their respective Democratic opponents.

“Voting took place over a two-day period to accommodate HIP members’ schedules, thus facilitating and ensuring greater participation in this particular endorsements election by all our members,” stated Fernando Romero, President of Hispanics In Politics, “ironically, I was surprised and dismayed over the sparse participation on behalf of the Democratic members of our organization.”

In regard to the Proposition Questions, the Margin Tax Initiative, Question 3, received a resounding “No” from the voting members of HIP; conversely, Questions 1 and 2, the Creation of a Court of Appeals and the Removal of the Cap on the Taxation of Mines and Mining Claims, respectively, both received an emphatic “Yes”.

Really, Fernando? (Also, "ironically" does not mean what you think it means.)

This group should be ignored forevermore.