Money pours in to defeat margin tax

In less than four months, the coalition to defeat the margin tax raised $700,000.

The money is almost evenly divided among four groups: Nevada Resort Association, Retailers Association of Nevada, Nevada Mining Association and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. The Nevada Taxpayers Association kicked in $4,000, records show.

So who funded these groups in 2013?

►NRA: Las Vegas Sands ($30,000), MGM Resorts ($34,000), Boyd ($25,500), Station ($25,500)  and Caesars ($14,000) led the way. The report is here.

►NMA: Only five contributors in 2013. Allied Nevada, Barrick, Goldcorp and Coeur Rochester each gave $10,000. Florida Canyon gave $2,500. Must have had a lot of money on hand, which, of course, you can't tell from these ridiculous reports.

►RAN: The retailers don't have a PAC, just give through corporate entity, so don't have to disclose.

►Chamber: BizPAC raised $111,000 in 2013 but spent twice that much. (Insert joke here about business group and deficit spending.) CenturyLink ($17,500), Harley Davidson ($25,000) and NV Energy ($7,500) were among the larger contributors. The report is here.

The teachers raised just over $1 million, with state Sen. Tick Segerblom giving $250 and Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins ponying up $1,000 to augment the Nevada State Education Association's $1 million infusion. The group also has spent a quarter of its money already, paying various consultants tens of thousands of dollars, as you can see.

The opponents have spent only $22,000 with Winner & Mandabacha firm the coalition hired that specializes in ballot initiatives. In this case, defeating one.