Miller responds to dark money group

In a new ad airing in Reno, Secretary of State Ross Miller, running for attorney general, shows he understands the potential impact of an attack from an outside group.

The new spot, which you can watch below, has the requisite ominous music as the State Government Leadership Foundation is described, followed by some obnoxious pundit calling the outfit's ad false and then pivoting to Miller's law enforcement endorsements. I'm not sure I would have repeated those images of an apparently cavorting Miller in the spot, but I suppose he had to show what he was rebutting.

Standard stuff, well executed. But also a signal that the SGLF, which has purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars of air time, is Adam Laxalt's best ally and one Miller takes seriously.

The SGLF has only bought ESPN and FOX in Las Vegas, hence this response airing for now just in Reno.