Meese, Newt, Fahrenkopf, other GOP loyalists headline Laxalt's DC fundraiser

The last name helps for Adam Laxalt.

Interesting group -- see below -- first reported by Laura Myers of the RJ.

Some controversial historical figures, too, including Reagan AG Ed Meese, ex-UN Ambassador John Bolton and, of course, CNN's Newt Gingrich.

Note the DC lobbyists, including ex-Rep. Jon Porter, ex-AGA boss Frank Fahrenkopf, Laxalt's mother, his grandfather's firm and Sen. Dean Heller as a featured guest.

If Laxalt is to be competitive in this race against Secretary of State Ross Miller, the money will have to flow from DC. This shows the spigot has turned; now we'll see how much is there in the pipes.

By the way, I find it humorous this is occurring in the same place where Harry Reid lives. Maybe he'll try to crash....