McDonald was paid $16,000 of tax money for this?

After state GOP Chairman Michael McDonald was hired by his pal, state Treasurer Dan Schwartz for a six-figure job and then forced out, I wondered what he had done to earn $16,000 before his ouster.

It took a few weeks to get an answer, but it is below and it is so revealing, via Schwartz deputy Grant Hewitt.

The next time you hear Schwartz or any Republican talk about waste and fraud in government, ask about this, which is almost comical (I feel sorry for Hewitt, who is only the messenger.):

"As you might be aware, Mr. McDonald is not a fan of email, and rarely used it in the office.  He was a phone driven person most of the time only communicating through in person meetings or via the phone.  I was able to find a limited number of times that Email was used, but it was surrounding an internal Human Resources matter that is deemed confidential.  In researching what, if any communication our office had with Mr. McDonald, this seems to have been done between the Treasurer and Mr. McDonald directly though meetings or phone calls.  It does not appear that Treasurer Schwartz was having any email conversations with him. 

"In addition to the above information requested, you asked for what Mr. McDonald did while employed at the Treasurer’s office.  Below you will find a run-down of what he accomplished.  His primary focus was to help our office find suitable space outside the Grant Sawyer building that would provide better access to the public and improved working conditions for our staff.  He also was involved with managing several issues at the Office.  He held many meetings on securing space, including several with Mayor Lee as we were looking at seriously at the North Las Vegas City Hall.  While we do not ask staff to keep running documents about their daily activities, below is what we have been able to ascertain on Mr. McDonald’s responsibilities while a part of our office:"


Week of 7/20

•  Monday / Staff meeting; phone call

•  addressing public concerns via telephone

•  Orientation meeting of Officers & introduction of current programs of the Treasurers Office

•  Discussions of ESA Programs

•  Discussions on College Savings

•  Inquiries of obtaining additional office space as new staff was hired

•  Discussions of how/why of production of publicizing the Treasurer’s Office and the programs that are offered.

•  Attended a women’s group meeting at the Texas Hotel and Casino


Week of 7/27

•  Monday / Staff meeting; phone call

•  Follow up citizen concerns in Southern Nevada from the ESA hearing on 7/17

•  KAPS demo with staff re: unclaimed property

•  Meetings with realtors re: additional office space @ 741 4th St.


Week of 8/3 - 8/7


•  On leave - RNC Meeting in Cleveland (taken off payroll)

Week 8/10

•  8/8 - Back to School Event at the Meadows Mall

•  Monday staff meeting; phone call

•  Follow up re: LV City Hall space availability

•  Mapping the scope of necessary space needs for B & G

•  Discussions of space lead to revaluation that the available space on the 3rd floor is occupied with CSN staff.

•  Multiple meetings by phone concerning sub leasing space from CSN

•  CSN unveiled plans to upgrade and expand leaving this option nonviable

Week of 8/17

•  Monday / Staff meeting; phone call

•  Meetings with Hispanic Families re: ESA to discuss their inclusion on the program

•  Follow up meeting regarding space at 731 4th St.

•  Discussions of the time line to get the I.T personnel to do a walk through

•  EAS workshop

•  Meetings with parents after workshop

•  Coverage of concerns of families with children in private school not getting equal treatment for ESA

•  Safe Side Walk event Valley View and Pennwood

•  Back to School event at Galleria Mall


Week 8/24

•  Staff meeting; phone call

•  Follow up with B & G

•  Discussions of implementing an office move and what would be required. Power, I.T, square footage etc …

•  Meeting in Reno re: ESA

Week 8/31

•  Meetings w/ community leaders about a Halloween event to engage the community with college savings plan & college kick start

•  Meeting in Pahrump re: ESA

Week 9/ 8

•  Staff meeting; phone call

•  Met with the Treasurer

•  Conf. calls re: RFP

•  Von Tobel Middle School Family Tech Night

•  Attended  ROTC dedications for 9/11 at Vally High School

•  Attended Palo Verde High event


Week 9/14

•  Staff meeting; phone call

•  Spoke at an event re: ESA program

•  meeting with AZULBLUE (United by Autism