Lowden: I'm exploring, and I'm no chicken

A few days after her supporters successfully pushed a ridiculous poll into the media, ex-GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden says she may run for lieutenant governor.

Yes, we already knew that. Pretty obvious choreography, too: Have pals do robopoll, show I am in lead (because I have name ID), then announce I'm exploring the race.

In a news release today Lowden touched all the bases, including some self-deprecation she could have used three years ago, when she was anointed to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid but destroyed herself with her infamous bartering comments, allowing Sharron Angle to win the primary and be put through Prince Harry's Cuisinart.

Lowden, in an ironic twist, now will play the role (IF she runs) of trying to defeat The Anointed One, state Sen. Mark Hutchison, who has been embraced by the governor, a senator and a congressman. She won't be able to raise much money, although she has personal wealth, and she does have the Citizen Outreach clowns on her side, which is worth something -- for Hutchison, that is. (As you can see from the Anjeanette Damon's story, the chickens issue is like Velcro to her.)

I've sensed Lowden has been itching to get back into elective politics since she lost, and with an opportunity like this, which could lead to being governor if Brian Sandoval departs midterm, why not explore it? On paper, she is a great candidate. Just as she was in 2010.

Her news release, with my annotations in bold:

Former Nevada State Sen. Sue Lowden announced today that she will be filing paperwork this week with the Secretary of State to create an official campaign committee LLC as she explores running for the office of lieutenant governor in 2014. (Who does an exploratory committee for this office? And why not put former GOP chair? Do I even need to ask?)

“My experience both as an elected legislator and a private businesswoman means Nevadans would get someone who understands how government policies often hurt businesses and discourages job creation, as well as how to work within the legislative process in order to make necessary changes,” Lowden said. (Um, the LG has nothing to do with job creation or, really, the legislative process. But sounds good!)

“Truthfully, I wouldn’t need much on-the-job training because I’ve already been on the job for many years.” (Oh? Really?)

Lowden commended incumbent Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki, who will be term-limited out of office next year, and added that she expects to continue pursuing many of the projects initiated under his leadership. 

“Brian has been a terrific lieutenant governor,” she said. “I look forward to working with him as he transitions to the next challenge in his political and professional life.” (Please, please endorse me, Brian.)

A strong fiscal conservative with extensive business experience in gaming, banking and real estate, Lowden is uniquely qualified in the area of economic development. And as a former board member of Las Vegas Events, she has first-hand experience in bringing events to Nevada that will boost tourism, generate additional tax revenue without raising taxes, and create jobs for many Nevadans who are still unemployed and underemployed.  (Again, nothing to do with LG's job, which actually has little to do with economic development anymore after Gov. Brian Sandoval booted Krolicki.)

Lowden also announced that Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers, who has also been considering the lieutenant governor’s race, has agreed to serve on her campaign committee’s LLC board.

“Bob and I are good friends and have spoken at length about this race,” Lowden concluded. “His decision is that if I run, he won’t. I couldn’t ask for a stronger endorsement than that.” (You couldn't ask for a strong endorsement than that? How about Sandoval? Or Dean Heller? And read Damon's story to see just how strong Beers is.)

“And as for those who think I might be afraid of taking on another tough primary race, let me assure you that I’m no chicken…pun intended.” (Very funny. But will she be a chicken whose head already has been cut off?)