Lowden goes up with ad defending Reid donations, spells Hutchison's name wrong

I kid you not.

What's below is a version of a web ad she has had out for some time. It is a response to this ad from Mark Hutchison.

Yes, that's Hutchison, not "Hutchinson," as the ad below says. Oy.

Also, when you are talking about donations to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the bete noir of the GOP, you also are playing into the opposition's hands and raising your own negatives, too.

Luckily, ironically, Lowden can only afford a paltry buy for this abomination.

Below is the version distributed to TV stations, courtesy of Kantar Media/CMAG. (I bet it gets fixed soon.)

UPDATE: Lowden's campaign manager, Tom Letizia, says the spot has been corrected.