Lee's campaign to refund $15,000 to LLC

UPDATED, 1:05 PM: The only officer listed on the LLC that gave to Lee is "Wide Open Spaces," which had its status permanently revoked. Hmmm.

UPDATED: 6: 20 AM, 4/2/13: Lee's campaign provided me with a document, posted here, that indicates the SOS site is wrong, that the Wide Open Spaces listed there is not the same one. Instead, it is a sole proprietorship run by Lee's wife. That still doesn't solve the campaign violation but indicates, perhaps, that the permanetly revoked officer problem is....not a problem.

Mayoral hopeful John Lee's campaign manager said this morning that an accountant's error caused an illegal $25,000 contribution and that the campaign is making it right.

Jim Ferrence told me that the accountant did not distinguish between the LLC registered at Lee's address and a sole proprietorship -- only Lee himself could loan his campaign $25,000, an amount his report indicated came from an LLC at his home address.

Ferrence said the campaign has cut a check for $15,000 back to the LLC to meet the $10,000 cap. (If Lee loses the primary, he will have to give back $5,000 more -- it's $5,000 for the primary and general.)