Laxalt to Planned Parenthood: Tell me what kind of practices you engage in

In the wake of those controversial videos showing conversations about fetal tissue after abortions, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt has sent a letter to the Nevada chapter seeking information on the group's practices.

The letter is careful not to accuse the local chapter of anything and acknowledges that its website indicates the Nevada organization supplies only abortion pills and therefore would not have any fetal tissue to sell.

"Please confirm in writing that the Nevada facilities do not peform surgical abortions," Laxalt wrote in the letter, which is below. "Moreover, please also confirm that the Nevada facilitiers do not have or participate in tissue donation programs and confirm to this office that PP's assertions are true in regards to the PP Nevada facilities..."

At the end of the letter, Laxalt asks PP officials to meet with him to "further discuss PP operations in Nevada."


UPDATE: NV Dems repond with a vengeance: 

“Just like his frivolous immigration lawsuit earlier this year – the sole purpose of which was to tear families apart – Adam Laxalt is once again using the Attorney General’s office to push a partisan ideological agenda.  Nevada women who rely on the preventative health care services Planned Parenthood provides are not pawns to be used by Adam Laxalt to burnish his Republican primary credentials in his inevitable future runs for higher office.  Adam Laxalt should stop using his office to advance his blind ambition and partisan, ideological agenda.”

Letter by Jon Ralston