Laxalt closes inquiry into Planned Parenthood

Attorney General Adam Laxalt has informed Planned Parenthood's Nevada chapter that he has closed an inquiry into whether the facility was selling body parts.

After those controversial videos surfaced a couple of months ago, Laxalt sent a carefully worded letter inquiring about Planned Parenthood's practices. Letters were exchanged, meetings ensued.

And now, via a Laxalt spokeswoman:

“After carefully reviewing baby tissue and body part donation concerns involving Planned Parenthood, on September 15, 2015, the Attorney General’s Office sent a letter to Nevada’s facilities inquiring about compliance with state and federal law. Subsequently, lawyers representing Planned Parenthood confirmed that Nevada’s facilities do not participate in body tissue donation programs, and are in compliance with the law. The Attorney General’s Office is satisfied with the response, and the inquiry is now closed.”

I'm sure some Republicans will be upset Laxalt did not do anything. And I'm sure Democrats may be even more upset because they lost a chance to pound him (although they probably will anyhow).

But case closed.

(I hope to obtain the letters that were exchanged and will post if I do.)

UPDATE: Letter now attached.