Lawyer: Treasurer will face sanction if he continues to press forward with school choice program

A lawyer for plaintiffs in the Nevada school choice case has penned the proverbial strongly worded letter to Attorney General Adam Laxalt, threatening to go to court after the AG's office advsied state Treasurer Dan Schwartz to move forward on Educational Savings Accounts despite an injunction from the state Supreme Court.

"Despite the express terms of the Lopez (the case name) permanent injunction -- and the District Court's rejection of your narrower proposed order -- the Treasurer continues to attempt to implement (Educational Savings Accounts)," attorney Bradley Schrager wrote in a letter dated Monday to Laxalt. I reported last month that the attorney general's office had given Schwartz the green light to open an online application portal and move forward in apparent contravention of the Surpeme Court striking down the law because the funding mechanism was found to be unconstitutional.

Last week, the treasurer sent out another reassuring email to ESA parents, with an FAQ that essentially said "all's well."

"These actions undermine the prerogatives of the Nevada Legislature, first and foremost, but also reveal an awkward attempt by the Treasurer to gain some imaginary political advantage by pressing forward with a defunct program," Schrager wrote in the letter, which you can see below. Schrager demanded Schwartz cease any actions related to ESAs and asked for an answer from Laxalt by Friday.

160205 FINAL Laxalt Letter by Jon Ralston on Scribd