Las Vegas constable, in barely literate midnight missive, defends self

This arrived at 12:10 AM on Thursday from Las Vegas Constable John Bonaventura, sent to various media outlets as a defense one day after he was arrested for drunk driving.

I post it here, unedited, just as is, a remarkable piece of barely literate writing:


If anyone wants to know.  Here is the TRUTH!


Subject: Fwd: Foul Play by County Officials and Henderson and Laughlin Constables


Other township constables breaking the law.

County not enforcing the law.

NRS and LCB opinion "it is clear that a constables have to stay in there townships.

County officials upset Constable is trying to enforce the law.

Constable files law suite against Henderson and Laughlin township constables for breaking the law and receives a district court injunction to stop them from breaking the law. Currently stuck on appeal with the supreme court. 

Again, the County is upset that the constable is trying to enforce the law and the County denies payment of fees to cover lawsuit.

County Comptroller usurps the constables statutory authority over deputies and payroll.

Constable fires back by following the law and stopping the comptroller (Jessica Colvin) from usurping the Constables statutory authority.

County officials fire back by threatening to use legislators to change the law.

Agenda item to eliminate the office placed on the County agenda and the same day as Wells and Chris G place the item up, the constable is followed for 20 minutes on his way home by a Hyw patrol officer. The officer said he was stopped for going 3 miles over the limit.

Constable falsely arrested for DWI. Constable was found to be below the legal limit and released.

We suspect foul play within the county, Bonaventura said.

County officials and the Henderson and Laughlin constables are desperate to remove him from elected office. Upset that he is following the law. This is clearly a smear campaign to tarnish Bonaventura's reputation.

The bottom line is County officials and the Henderson and Laughlin constables are upset and retaliating because the Las Vegas Constables office is following the law. 

Thanks for looking! See you soon.