Jim Wheeler hates Las Vegas

Jim Wheeler probably wants to make Las Vegas a slave to the rest of the state.

Don’t believe me?

He described southerners as rule-breakers not like rural Nevadans and who want to take northern money (the horror!), and he suggested Clark County could be split off into a separate district or (facetiously, I think) traded to Calfironia.

Here’s exactly what he said about Southern Nevada on the now-infamous video:

“That is the biggest divide in the state, North and South.  Las Vegas wants everything and they don’t care about the rules (UPDATE: (may be "rurals," but hard to hear, so transcriptionist may have erred), okay.  And I have no other way to put it; they don’t care about the rules (also, "rurals," now that I listen again).  They want our mining money and they want more of it, and they want to be able to take money.”

And this:


“(I was) so frustrated over some of the bills that Las Vegas ….that we were actually going to try and start the paperwork to split the state.


Group:     Yay!


Jim Wheeler:     We will try to – we will try to make Clark County its own state…


Next Speaker:     Oh my God!


Jim Wheeler:     …or, or better yet, a district. 


Group:     [Inaudible]


Jim Wheeler:     Because you can’t – in our constitution, you cannot split the state into another state.  That’s in the United States Constitution.  But, we could make it a district.


Next Speaker:     Yeah, yes.


Jim Wheeler:     Yes.


Next Speaker:     Do you remember, I think it was in the 70s, when… we discovered (the South) wasn’t even within the State border?


Jim Wheeler:     Yeah.  Yeah, I was actually [inaudible]….And Senator Tom McClintock from California, I made him an offer.  He can have Vegas and we’ll take….Tahoe. 



You’ve heard of Gentlemen Jim; we have Genius Jim.

Any Southern Nevada lawmakers want to speak up?

Hello? Hello?

How about:

Well, I heard Mr. Wheeler sing about her. I heard ole Jim put her down. Well, I hope Jim Wheeler will remember, A Southern man don't need him around, anyhow.