As if UNLV's stadium project didn't have enough problems.....

I told you Thursday about that ill-fated NRA meeting in which the gamers were not buying the UNLV NOW financing proposal for that new stadium.

That's an intangible problem for Don Snyder & Co. that could become tangible. But, I have learned, the stadium has another, more immediate problem: It can't be built the way it has been designed.

So says the Federal Aviation Administration in a series of "presumed hazard" findings (I have attached one here) that indicate the structure could interfere with operations at McCarran International Aiprort. (It is proposed to be located nearby, so it has to pass FAA muster.)

The letters, written last week to the Board of Regents, do not mince words:

Initial findings of this study indicate that the structure as described exceeds obstruction standards and/or would have an adverse physical or electromagnetic interference effect upon navigable airspace or air navigation facilities. Pending resolution of the issues described below, the structure is presumed to be a hazard to air navigation.

The developers can reduce the height -- it might not take much. But unless they do, the next step is a determination of hazard. And the letters make clear that even if changes are made, it is no guarantee that the FAA will approve the stadium.