Hutchison ties Lowden to Reid in new ad

Lieutenant governor hopeful Mark Hutchison has taken his social media campaign against Sue Lowden to television, with an inevitable ad assailing his primary campaign rival for her contributions to Sen. Harry Reid.

The ad even uses a truncated clip of Lowden's mea culpa web ad "explaining" those Reid contributions. Not nice.

This came up during Lowden's 2010 challenge to Reid, which never materialized because she lost in the primary to Sharron Angle. And PolitiFact approved.

Lowden's argument, which we have heard before, is that Reid was less liberal when she gave to him a quarter-century ago. That is marginally true -- and he's not THAT liberal now.

But saying "Harry Reid" to inveterate GOP primary voters in Nevada is more toxic than saying "Hillary Clinton."

This will leave a mark.

So Lowden either writes that check now or starts to see her numbers implode.

Or maybe she could get her old friend, Reid, to endorse Hutchison....