Here's how one GOP local makes endorsements

If you are willing to sign an inane, Norquistian no-tax pledge, an even more superficial and nutty "Contract with Nevada" and if you are "willing to explain to a parent that they must return a free laptop if the computer had been found to be ineffective for learning," you, too, could be endorsed by the Republican Party in Nevada's capital.

Please note: This is not a parody.

The Carson City Republican Party has sent out letters to filed candidates indicating how they can receive points for signing onto Grover Norquist's taxpayer pledge or Assemblyman Brent Jones' "Contract With Nevada," which almost none of his colleagues have signed. You also have to answer some quite bizarre questions, including about nixing the state's minium wage (points!) and suing to take back federal lands (points!). You also will be interviewed after filling out a "candidate appraisal form" that contains ways to, well, appraise you such as, "What talents of knowledge would you bring to this office?" (points!).

You can get 130 points if you are a first-time candidate, 150 if you are an incumbent. Lotsa points to be had!

Here are the forms.



Candidate Questionnaire.pdf by Jon Ralston

Taxpayer Protection Pledge.pdf by Jon Ralston

Contract_w_NV (1) by Jon Ralston

Candidate Appraisal Form by Jon Ralston

LetterCCGOP by Jon Ralston

Page2 by Jon Ralston