"Hello, important lobbyists...."

Jake Holder, who ran for Congress and got crushed last cycle, and won a contested three-way Democratic primary for Assemblyman Joe Hogan's seat this week, sent an email to a gaggle of Carson City advocates Wednesday that was quite simple:

"Hello important lobbyists,

"If any of you would like to meet or talk on phone please let me know.  And, if you would like to

contribute to my campaign, it would be appreciated:"


Now where do you suspect Holder obtained the list of who these "important" lobbyists are. From the Assembly Democratic Caucus, of course, which sent him a list of "the top 30 or so lobbyists."

But unbeknownst to Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick & Co., Holder forwarded the entire list along with his solicitation. So now lobbyists know who the ADC thinks is in the top 30 because, as you will see below, I am michievously printing the list:

By the way, they will probably all give to Holder because that district will remain Democratic.

Here they are:

Be BeAdams, Barrick

Alfredo Alonso, Lewis & Rocha

Randy Brown, AT& T

Tom Clark, Holland Hart

Chris Collins, LV poliice union

Bill Gregory, various

Kathleen Conaboy, McDonald Carano

Victoria Coolbaugh, trial lawyers

Bob Crowell, Kaempfer Crowell

Debbie Gallo, SW Gas

Josh Griffin, various

Josh Hicks, Brownstein

Shannon Hogan, Holland Hart

Rusty McAllister, fire union

Sam McMullen, Porter et. al.

Erin McMullen, R&R

Pete Ernaut, R&R

Karlos LaSane, Caesars

Denice Miller, MGM Resorts

Gary Milliken, various

Alisa Nave, Brownstein firm

Bob Ostrovsky, Ferraro Group

Misty Grimmer, Ferraro Group

John Pappageorge, various

Randy Robison, Century Link

John Griffin, Capitol Company

George Ross, Porter firm

Tony Sanchez, NV Energy

Jennifer Simich, Republic Services

Jim Wadhams, Fennemore Craig

Judy Stokey, NV Energy

Stacy Woodbury, state medical association

Russell Rowe, Griffin firm