Headline of the year -- until it was changed

UPDATED: Managed to get the hard copy of the RGJ. It has close to the original headline, but a helpful sub-head for Heller. It's attached here.



After the Senate voted to move to the gun debate on Thursday, the Reno Gazette-Journal ran a story about the 68-31 vote with this memorable headline:

"Sen. Dean Heller helps Harry Reid fend off gun control filibuster"

Now that's a keeper! (And it's true: Heller was one of 16 GOP senators who helped the majority leader block a filibuster.)

Or not.

A few hours later, the headline on the story was changed to: "Sen. Dean Heller among Republicans helping Harry Reid fend off GOP gun control filibuster"

Somewhat toned down, eh? At least from Heller's point of view? Spreading the culpability/credit around?

Did Heller's office complain about the first headline? I'd guess so. Why else would it be changed? (I got no straight answers from Team Heller, so I emailed the RGJ's Beryl Love. He wasn't in the office, so he wasn't sure if Team Heller had called to complain.)

The first headline was perfectly fine -- for journalism if not for Heller (Reid is still unpopular in certain areas, it may shock you to know, and Heller surely didn't want to be seen as being for gun control.).

(Attached here is a screen shot of the original headline.)