Hambrick recall pitch revealed

The geniuses seeking to recall Speaker John Hambrick because he dared to suggest the state might need more money for education, which is what two-thirds of Nevadans believe, have begun dropping lit at the door.

It's not totally amateurish, but the bar remains high to get something like this done.

And check out Jim Marchant's site  -- the man who would replace Hambrick has a site that reads like a Citizen Outhouse screed.

"It is sad the petitioners have had to resort to outright lies to get signatures," Hambrick consultant Nathan Emens told me. "Speaker Hambrick has not voted to increase taxes and is working hard to find solutions to the many challenges facing our state.These are desperate people who will stop at nothing to make themselves feel relevant. The only people deceiving voters are the ones attempting to perpetrate this recall."

The pieces are attached to the post.